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Creating Success Stories

You need to be able to crop,  resize, and optimize photo’s to publish the success stories to the front page. If you aren’t sure how this is a good tutorial:  If the client can’t provide a photo of sufficient resolution Carrie will pull a stock photo that is typical of the industry and use that.

Once you have that figured out go to Create Content: Client Story.

  1. Title the story.      
  2. Enter the details of the story. ** New** Insert a teaser break where you want it if you want text displayed on the stories page. Test will display up to the teaser break.
  3. Upload the photo you have cropped to 700x280 pixels.
  4. Paste the blurb in that you want to run under the front page link.
  5. If you want to include a photo on the stories page resize it to around 160x160 (this is subjective and won’t break anything. I would shoot to have one of the measurements around this size for consistency. ) Upload this at the bottom of the page as an attachment. When you do uncheck list, then copy the link in small print under the image name and use this to insert your image in the story editing pane above.
  6. If you do not want this story promoted to the front page un-check that box at the bottom under publishing options before you save.